From getting a new job to changes in your relationship status, there are numerous different reasons for why people decide to move out of their current house and into a new one.

As a professional removals company in West London, we’ve helped hundreds of people move home. Due to this, we’ve heard almost every reason for why people choose to relocate.

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A Change in Employment

A common reason for people moving out is that they have received a new job offer in a different town or city, or their current job is relocating them somewhere different. If the commuting distance becomes too much, it makes more sense to move closer to the job opportunity. Losing a job can also play a roll in moving home, especially if money becomes a problem.

Relationship Status Changes

Whether making up or breaking up, a change in relationship status can also mean a change in living arrangements. Choosing to move in with a partner is a huge step in a relationship and it often involves finding a new home to live together, somewhere that they find together. Breaking up can also lead to one or both of the people moving out of the current home shared together.

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Seeking a Bigger/Smaller Home

The size of the property can also be a huge factor when it comes to making a decision to move home. For couples looking to start a family, finding a bigger home can become a priority, especially if their current home isn’t child friendly. On the other hand, couples whose children are all grown up and have moved out, often make the decision to move into a smaller property. This is because they no longer need all the extra space!

A Better Location

For some people, moving home is less about the property and more about the location that the house is in. Whether it’s looking to be closer to town for more lifestyle options or further from town for peace and quiet, the location can play a very important part in choosing to move home. A lot of couples choose to move so that they are closer to schools for their children. Being within a catchment area for a school is important which can lead to parents wanting to be within this specific location.

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Whatever your reason is for moving home, Golds Removals are available to help you out. Covering large areas of London, our experienced and reliable company can help make moving home easy and pain free.

To find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on 0800 690 6863 or 07514002769 to find out more.


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