Moving house can be a taxing deal. Your To-Do List will guide you through the important steps in moving, like how to move with pets and children, and other extremely useful tips. If you’re thinking about moving house, you might be wondering if there’s a best time to do it.

And if you’re in a position where you can choose your moving time, you’ll want to consider the benefits that each season brings.




With summer rolling around, the good weather seems like an ideal time to move. The essential thing to consider is that, if you have children, they will be off school. Moving around the school calendar will give your children enough time to say goodbye to friends and to adjust to the move.

The weeks off will let them explore their new surroundings and better prepare for the new school. Enrolling in a new school in the middle of the year is never fun; your children will feel out of place and they might think it’s harder to make friends. A new school year and a fresh start is the way to go.




Autumn is a beautiful season to move house; the scenery has turned golden and brown, and the summer heat is gone. Children are likely to still be off school, which will allow you to move them to a new school before the beginning of the school year.

Colder months also bring more dangerous weather. You need to be aware of the higher chance of rain or ice, and take into account that the roads can be slippery. It’s best to take precautions and drive safely if you’re planning on moving later in the year.


Christmas and New Year

The Holiday season can make your move special; a new home decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and a tree will make memories you’ll never forget. However, Christmas and New Year are very busy seasons.

You might find it difficult to wrap and pack presents, and you might have to fit in parties or visits to friends a family. Organisation is essential, and it’s important to make sure that everything you want to take is packed, and that you leave heavier and older belongings behind.



Whether you’re planning on moving this summer or later in the year, having a team of professionals give you a hand is always safer and faster. Here at Golds Removals we have experienced professionals who will ensure that your move goes as smooth as it can possibly go. If you want to know more about how we can help you, you can contact us on 0800 690 6863 or 07514002769.

Our friendly team is always happy to answer any question you might have! You can also find us on Facebook for updates and news.

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