Moving house gives you the perfect opportunity to get a good look at everything you own. It also gives you the chance to evaluate your belongings and throw away the stuff that you’ve collected over the years without any intention of ever using again.

Parting from belongings can be exceedingly hard, which is part of the reason for why people hold on to stuff for a long time after they’ve stopped being useful.


Moving boxes and furniture in new home


If you’re struggling to figure out what to pack and what to leave behind, we’ve put together a list of things that you should really consider saying goodbye to when you move.

Old Mattresses & Bedding

Over the years, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated a large amount of bedding sets. Whether bought because you needed them, or because you liked the pattern or simple as a precaution “just in case of guests,” moving home gives you the chance to actually sort through your bedding box and decide which you actually need. What about your mattress? Is it time for a new one? It would save you a lot of space on the moving van!

Your Garden

Your garden will unfortunately be an unwanted casualty of the move, as it’s simply not possible to pick it all up and move it to your new home. In fact, attempting to move plants and trees can actually put a lot of unnecessary strain on them, causing them to die anyway.

This can be hard when you’ve become attached to your garden, but just remember that you can start again in your new property.

Some people don’t have a choice, especially when moving to a house with no garden (or a small one). In this case, it’s really not worth taking anything with you.


Japanese garden with bamboos and stone lantern

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are also things that are collected throughout the years, even when you’re only planning on using the item once or twice. When you’re in the middle of packing for your move, take a good look at your kitchen appliances; do you really need all of them? From bread and popcorn makers to juicers and blenders, will any of these be used or will they be shoved into a cupboard gathering dust (again)?

House Fixtures & Fittings

Do you honestly need to take every light switch, bulb and shade with you? Unless you have some expensive fixtures within your home, such as a fancy chandelier, we suggest leaving everything exactly where it is. You have to think about the people moving in after you too; would you be happy to arrive at a house that is missing light bulbs in every room or has wires dangling from plug sockets?

hands installing a wall power socket

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