The best way to take the stress out of moving house is to be organised. Planning how to pack and unpack will make moving so much easier.

Pack one room at a time

Start by packing up the room with the heaviest items. Other than furniture, this is likely to be books. If your treasured reading is arranged in order, try to pack in a similar order to save time at the other end.

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Don’t be tempted to fill a half-empty box from one room with items from another, as this will again slow down the unpacking process.

Unpack the Kitchen First

You can guarantee the first thing anyone will want on arrival at a new home is a nice cup of tea – so make sure the kettle and mugs are not buried at the bottom of a box. Likewise, when you’re packing up the kitchen, group essentials together and work down to smaller items such as cutlery and the china tea-set that only comes out on special occasions.

Be Ready for Bed and a Bath

If you’ve made a long-distance move, you might arrive at your new home late in the day and prefer to start unpacking after a good night’s rest. Pack a complete set of bedtime requirements for every member of the family – from duvets and sheets to towels and shampoo. And don’t forget the toothbrushes!

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De-clutter As You Go

Moving is a great opportunity to take a bold approach to everything we accumulate in our living spaces. As you pack up each room, make sure there’s a strong bin bag so anything unwanted can go to the charity shop or recycling centre. Be brave rather than sentimental! If in doubt, ask yourself when you last used something and whether you will ever use it again.

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