Summer is definitely the most popular time of year for moving house. Most people avoid moving in the winter; the cold and rain making moving a nightmare. It’s easy to see why people wait until the warmer months.

As we approach the peak season for our own removals company, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the benefits of moving during the summer.

Sun shining through the trees

The Weather

The weather is probably the biggest advantage of choosing to pack your boxes and move during the summer. The temperature is guaranteed to be higher than it is in the middle of winter and you’re less likely to experience rain or snow! There is nothing worse than trying to move when it’s pouring down or the ground is too icy!

Longer Days

The days are longer during the summer; making it a lot easier to get everything done in just one day. The extra hours of daylight can make a huge difference; you’ll have time to move, unpack and get settled before it goes dark. Just make sure that you start early in the morning, so you’re giving yourself the entire day! During the winter, it can often take a couple of days, as moving in the dark can be both difficult and dangerous. This can prove to be more expensive than getting it all done at once.

Less Stressful for Children

Some people prefer to move when the children are at school, as this means that you don’t have to worry about looking after them whilst you help with the move. However, we think there are also benefits to moving during the summer holidays. Even the smallest change for a child can be stressful, so moving house can be a big shock. Doing it during the holiday’s means that your children can get used to the move whilst off school. It gives them time to get adjusted and they can feel like they are involved.

Young family with a child at home

More Options to Move

The fact that summer is a popular time for people moving house makes it unsurprising that more homes are put on the market during this time. Whether renting or buying, you’re more likely that have a better selection when looking for somewhere new to live. If you’re selling or renting out your home, you’ll find it easier to do so during the summer.


Summer is the busiest season for removals, so it’s important that you gets your booked ASAP.

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