There have been a handful of news stories recently that have reported on the subject of bogus removal companies. The reports have come after waste of all kinds was found dumped in several locations in Scotland. The feeling behind the discoveries is that people pretending to be reputable removal companies are to blame.

This has highlighted the importance of finding a reputable removal company to aid you with your move. With the horror stories that exist, it’s essential that you ask all the right questions before making any decisions.

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1. Can You Provide a Removals Quote?

Any professional removal company should be able to provide you with a full comprehensive removals quote. This should be a rundown of the costs involved and then a final fixed price. This is so you’re not hit with any hidden costs along the way. It might take a while for the company to come up with a quote but they should be willing to do so. Many removal companies will simply ask for an inventory of everything that will be getting moved.

2. What Services do you Offer?

It’s important that you find out exactly what is included in the price that you are paying. Will the removal company help you load and unload the van? Do they deal with moving specialist or huge objects? Do they offer a packing service or supply boxes for you to pack? These are all important questions that you need to ask before agreeing to go with a company. Whilst some of these won’t be a problem for some people, others will be relying on the packing service or the help moving difficult items.


3. Are You Experienced?

Just like with any job, removal companies are able to obtain several qualifications. There are also numerous training opportunities for them to participate in – all which adds to their experience. When looking to hire a removal company to help with your move, you should definitely ask about their experience. Do they have any qualifications? Have they undertaken any training? It’s worth asking how long they have been doing the job and how many moves they have done.

4. How Will the Move be Carried Out?

You’ve found a company who seem to check out. They have provided you with a reasonable quote, they provide the services you need and they have the qualifications and experience needed to reassure you that they have your best intentions at heart. So what else? We recommend that you ask them for the specifics of the move. Who will be carrying out the move? How many people will be involved? Will it all be done in one day or will it require a few? These are all questions that you will want answers for before making a final decision.

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When looking for a removals company that can answer all 4 of these questions AND any more that you have, you should definitely put your trust in Golds Removals.

We are a highly recommended removals company in London, having carried out removals in West London for many years. With staff who have been highly trained in removals and packing, you can be confident that you’re hiring a reputable and trusted company.

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